What is NamQuote?

NamQuote NamQuote is a fast, simple and safe online application that assists you with creating and managing your Business Invoices and Quotes.

From as little as N$200 a month, you can create Invoices and Quotes in record time from anywhere at any time and from any device, be it a Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, iPad or even a Smart-TV.

Why do I need NamQuote?
  • Do you use Excel to create your documents?
  • Do you struggle setting up Excel spreadsheets?
  • Are your documents scattered between files, computers, memory sticks and emails?
  • Do you want to keep track of who created what document, at what time, to whom it went, and how much it was worth?
  • Do you want to access your documents from anywhere, at anytime?
  • Do you want to monitor your Business from home?
Benefits of using NamQuote?
  • Platform Independent (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Available anywhere, 24/7
  • Documents converted to PDF
  • Smart, Simple, Safe
  • Standard Layout
  • No need to insert formulae
  • Works on any device (with a Browser)
  • Auto generated invoice numbers
  • Manage Documents (Create, Search, Delete)
  • Create & manage User Accounts
  • No need to keep documents on Paper
  • Monitor how your business is doing
  • Reduce Human Error
  • No need to know Spreadsheets
  • Create Docs 10x faster
  • Search & find documents
Feel free to test NamQuote:


Company Code: test123

Username: test123

Password: test123

Feel free to test NamQuote:


Contact Person: Tangi Amalenge


Cell: 081 310 3324

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